Worldbuilding Wizardry with Pat Hauldren

Craft Worldbuilding Wizardry with Pat Hauldren

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Description/Setting, POV, Voice, Worldbuilding
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Worldbuilding Wizardry will get authors jumpstarted on wonderful world building with wowza!

All genres have their tropes, trips, and traps. In building worlds for paranormal and fantastical fiction, we learn the foundations of world building, what every world must have in order to exist and then to thrive, and how we can use those elements to their best advantage to elevate our writing and our story to the best level of writing possible.

Avoid those trips and traps and grab your readers with a world that rings true and fills your reader with awe and wonder as you weave your story into their hearts. Level up with Worldbuilding Wizardry!
Pat Hauldren
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