Writing Magazine Articles that Sell with Terri Main

Craft Writing Magazine Articles that Sell with Terri Main

Review of Writing Magazine Articles That Sell with Terri Main. I’ve hesitated to write a review of this class because I don’t have much positive to say. The class was scheduled to run 4/5-4/25, not a lot of time to produce a salable magazine article from scratch, but doable with a well-organized presentation and a responsive instructor. I had high hopes, especially when I read one of the initial postings saying we’d need to do work every day. This sounded like an intensive class – just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, that was not the case. My chief complaint is the lack of Ms. Main’s attention to the class. Lectures and assignments were sporadically posted, often after the date the related assignment was supposed to be due (the last 4 were posted on 4/24, the day before the class was scheduled to end and then after a second inquiry about her absence). Even at the beginning, she often went days without responding to student posts and then with sparse, generic comments that offered nothing in the way of constructive criticism or guidance. I was concerned enough by 4/10 to reach out to the moderator and ask if there was a problem. While all lessons were eventually posted and a compilation of them provided by the moderator after the class had ended, overall this class was a huge disappointment.
From SavvyAuthors Admins: Hello, Deborah, We are sorry to hear that you had a less positive experience with this class. Unfortunately, there was some communication issues with the instructor, but we believe we have worked it out for future classes. We appreciate your feedback, and look forward to seeing you on the SavvyAuthors forums soon. ~ RJ Garside, Workshop & Special Events Coordinator