Writing the YA Paranormal with June Diehl

Craft Writing the YA Paranormal with June Diehl

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Characters, Description/Setting, Editing, Dialogue, Structure, Genre, GMC, Plotting, POV, Series, Voice, Worldbuilding
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What makes YA paranormal different than adult paranormal? What makes YA different than other fiction? What do YA readers expect from your story? We’ll explore the differences from your story idea, story opening, middle, and end. In this workshop, we’ll discover how character, plots, and setting can be used to enhance your YA paranormal story. As a bonus we’ll take a look at markets, marketing yourself, and the submission process. I will be providing feedback.
Lesson 1 - What is YA? What defines paranormal?
Lesson 2 - Engaging & Writing for Today’s YA Readers
Lesson 3 - Your Story Idea – Does it Fit YA Paranormal?
Your Story Idea – Is it BIG Enough?
Lesson 4 - Your Story Opening
Lesson 5 - YA Characters
YA Plots & Subplots
Lesson 6 - Your Story Middle
Lesson 7 - YA POV and Voice
Lesson 8 - YA Settings/ Your Story End

  • YA Paranormal Markets—Agents & Publishers
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Submitting Your Novel
  • Places for Book Reviews and Author Interviews
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