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Characters, Structure, Erotica, Genre, GMC, Plotting
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Writing erotica means sexy - but it doesn't mean plotless or scatological. The art of erotic phrasing, how to keep a story going yet still "hot," and what women want in terms of erotic subjects are all part of this class in which assignments will be critiqued.
Week One: How to write compelling erotica: words to use and not abuse, no-nos, and how dialog is just as important as "action" when it comes to erotic fiction.

Week Two: sample pieces from class attendees re discussed, plotting points in regard to keeping a story going yet still allow plenty of room for steam is the main discussion.

Week Three: revised or continued samples (depending on each class attendee) are discussed; plot structure in terms of what women want to read in erotic fiction are a main focus. New assignment given -- constructing a new short work or continuing the previous sample with the discussion focus in mind.

Week Four: Critique of writing samples from attendees; ways to expand samples, other story lines. Summary of how-tos in this type of genre fiction.
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Jan 20, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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