How To... How to use Styles in MS Word to track areas you want to edit

ED: So this came up in another thread but I thought it might be better given its own. This is how you can use MS Word's Style feature to tag areas in your mss that you want to revisit later for possible rewrites.

Sure! So in Word you can create a specific style, for example, maybe I want one that I call Problematic Passages. I go to Word's Format:Style:New Style and that brings up the following modal dialog.
I change the style to be whatever I want:


Then when i am writing and I come across a problem passage, I select it and apply my custome style above. Since I added it to my Template and Quick Style list it comes up in that panel.

This works in a similar manner in Scrivener.


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How To... How to write the perfect first line...or not!

So why can't I write the first sentence? You know the one that takes you to the second sentence? For some reason I can write the next 3 thousand sentences but the first one sucks. What should I do? I want an amazing sentence so the reader will continue reading my almost done book.


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