The Quick Start Guide

Welcome to SavvyAuthors!

There is a lot here, so we have a few things that will get you started. If you have questions definitely let us know!

  1. Customize your profile. Click here to add your great pic and some details about yourself.

  2. Find your friends While you are in there, find your buddies and follow them to keep up everything they are up to.

  3. Talk to your friends Start a private message thread with your friend or instructor and anyone else you want to add to the conversation! Now PM are more than just one to one conversations, you can add others to the discussion!

  4. See what is going on around the site Once your profile is exactly the way you like check out the events that are going on in our Workshop Calendar and Special events calendar or just go directly to the searchable listing of all events and classes.

  5. Check out our blogWe have a great blog with articles from craft to writing business. Check out the latest posts on the SavvyBlog.

  6. Head over to the Introductions Thread and add a hello world! While you are there be sure to tag your friends in your post by typing an "@" before their username so they know you are here!
  7. This is just a bit to get you started. There is a lot more here. And as always, if you have questions definitely let us know!