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    I'm a SavvyChatter

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!
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    Be Savvy about Business

    Research business of writing (decide if want to pursue traditional publisher or self publishing, check out some great workshops)
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    Commit to writing that story

    Now here is where the rubber hits the road. Commit in a public manner that you will WRITE THAT STORY.
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    Find a way to get it done!

    Create a way to write it...make an office or "your" place to write, get a computer or a cool notebook, decide on what program you'd like to write it in (Word, Scrivener, etc.) Take a picture and share it with us!
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    Complete your First Draft

    BICHOK, baby! Get er done! We give this trophy to new authors upon the completion of their first draft of a novel (50,000 words or more).
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    take a fundamentals class

    Take some fundamentals classes while you draft that first draft. You get 5 points per class! Take beginners classes in key areas (GMC, Plot, Point of View, Show versus Tell, Dialogue, Grammar review, etc.)
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    Know your Genre

    Research the 'genre' that you'd like to gear your book towards example, Historical, has some "rules" to be followed
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    edit your draft

    Edit your draft with all your new knowledge
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    Learn how to submit your story

    Research publishers or agents that you acquire your genre of story, take classes about pitching, blurbs and synopses
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    Submit your story to a publisher or agent

    Go ahead, you can do it!
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    Sell your story!

    Get a contract of sale or sign with an agent
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    Savvy Marketeer

    Research and take some social media workshops
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    Social Media Maven

    Publish a website or blog, create a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc account
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    Get Polished

    Edit your book with your publisher or agent
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    I've got a Book Cover

    Post the beautiful cover for your book!
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    I've got a Release Date!

    Post the expected release date
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    Hone your craft skills

    Keep your writing skills up to date with intermediate and refresher-level classes
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    Host a Release party

    Host a release party for your book on any social media site. Enlist your fellows Savvy Authors to help and promote promote promote!
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    Participate in a Release party

    Help your fellow SavvyAuthors to promote their new book!
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    I'm a SavvyAuthor Instructor

    Teach a class for SavvyAuthors and help your friends to improve their craft
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    YAY! I posted!

    post your first post at SavvyAuthors!
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    I'm a SavvyAuthors Moderator!

    One of the great SavvyAuthors Mods. People who have made a commitment to give back to this writing community. We LOVE you!
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    Join a Crit group

    You've joined one of the SavvyAuthors' Crit teams! YAY!
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    Choose your way

    Way to go! You've created a way for you to write (make an office, get a computer, commit to writing..etc)
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    Complete 2017 Summer Bootcamp

    Did you sign up and make it to the end? If so you get this trophy!
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    Complete 2017 Summer Edit Camp

    Did you finish two weeks of fun editing? Do you have a plan to edit your book. YAY! You Win!
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    I have lots to say!

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
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    I'm liked a lot. :)

    Your messages have been liked 25 times.
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    A proud SavvySig member.

    Join a Savvy Special Interest Group and have more fun!
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    New Blogger

    Congratulations on your NEW BLOG! Woo Hoo!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Have a great day!
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    Become a Savvy Certified Critter

    Particpate and pass the SavvyAuthors Critter Class!
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    I'm Published!

    You've got a book that is for sale! Add it to Our Authors Books and earn this trophy!
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    Start a Newsletter

    One of the best ways for authors to stay connected with their readers is with a newsletter! Try it!
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    I'm Seriously Likeable!

    Content you have posted has attracted 100 likes.
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    Dedicated to Savvy!

    1,000 messages? Impressive!
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    Everyone LOVES you!

    Your content has been liked 250 times.
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    Steady Blogger

    Congratulations! You've updated your blog with new posts at least once a week for 6 months