Maybe Too Good to Be True
Christy McKee

Maybe Too Good to Be True

A modern-day fairy godmother sets out to overhaul the life of small-town Georgia girl, Gabrielle March, whose very existence and career are on a grim downward spiral. Gabrielle is summoned to an oceanside estate where she is presented with mega shares of stock and a seat on the board of Atlantic-Hastings, as compensation for a crime against her late father. The only “string” attached is spending time at corporate headquarters in New York City under the watchful eye of her fairy godmother’s son, corporate tycoon, Pierce Hastings.

From the moment Pierce meets Gabrielle, he’s convinced she has nothing but subterfuge on her mind. He’s had his fill of opportunistic women who want to capitalize on his family name and fortune. He soon realizes Gabrielle wants neither. What she does need is his help in solving the crime that financially ruined her father. Even though the statute of limitations has run out, one of the remaining conspirators is still very much alive and won’t rest until Gabrielle March is dead.

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