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Allie McCormack

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Meet the Al Mansour Brothers. Four wealthy, powerful men, each torn between two cultures, two countries... two women. Their father is Sheikh Rashid, head of an old bedouin tribe deep in the heart of the Sahara. Their mother is the lovely Elyse, an independent American artist. They've been raised in both worlds, and now each must make his choice. The first two books are finished, not published, and the third is in progress and I hope to finish it sometime in 2019. Book 4 is my planned NaNoWriMo2019 project.
Book 1: SwanSong (Khalid)
Book 2: Castles in the Sand (Bennett)
Book 3: Michael's Quest (Michael.. .obviously, LOL!)
Book 4: Into the Storm (Faisal)
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