SUNSTAR  The Testament of Luc

SUNSTAR The Testament of Luc

A young alien, who dreams of flying, discovers a Zōārg swooping overhead on his first day of school and falls in love. His disappointment soared when he learned only royalty are allowed to ride/own/train Zōārgs. With two other second class citizens, he sets out to change the rules and fly.
I really like the artwork for your cover. The Asian feel of the graphic design is a nice juxtaposition with the very Christian tone of the title.
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Thank you!
One of the Riverside NaNoMites designed it for me. It's of a Zōrrg--my mythological creation of a beast -- a fire-breathing combo of a dragon and flying horse. Body/head/legs&hooves of horse; long neck of dragon with horse's mane and prehensile tail of dragon with diamond shape onyx tip.
I loved it. She was raising money to go to Africa in January. I donated to her cause $15 and she drew me two options. Good work.
Thank you for noticing.
Happy New Year!

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