The Greenleaf Project: A Novel

The Greenleaf Project: A Novel

When Bridget Fletcher finds herself feeling distinctly unfeisty with life in Sydney, she packs up her son, leaving her ambitious twin brother, overbearing mother and ex-husband behind, and escapes to Whale Rocks to make a life of her own. It’s idyllic: the beach, friends, a cat, a dog, and a bookshop/café she adores.
But her peace of mind is shattered when she stumbles on the Greenleaf website. Its uncomfortable questions about what she really wants awaken passions she buried long ago.
When she meets the charismatic newcomer in town, Arthur Ross – executive turned eco-crusader – she believes she has found meaning, purpose and someone to love her at last.
Problem is Arthur has plans of his own… and who’s behind Greenleaf anyway?
Will Bridget’s daring new dreams cost her more than she bargained for?
Charming, inspiring, and a little magical, The Greenleaf Project is set in Australia in 1997. If you enjoy a thought-provoking read, then you will love this romantic, eco-fiction adventure.
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