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    Feast Your Eyes On This: Using Video to Promote Your Book by Robin Facer

    I could have sworn I saw a class. Will you be teaching it again in the future?
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    Homework A.C.- January 2016 Daily Reporting Thread

    I took a couple of days off after editing a novella for an anthology. Now I'm plotting the follow up. My goal is to have all of the plotting with beats done today, as well as mail my darn letters to my mailing list.
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    Homework Barbara- January 2016 Daily Reporting Thread

    You've been super productive. I have to get back to your lessons.
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    Homework Kathy- January 2016 Daily Reporting Thread

    I had no idea about the second computer. On one of my trips back to Texas I need to set up a DBA and a business account. I do have a checking account that I mostly use for writing, but honestly I don't do a great job of keeping things separated. Glad to see you're raising an author!
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    Homework Merlyssa- January 2016 Daily Reporting Thread

    I'm taking the BDSM class now. Funny you should say that about old workshops. I'm starting revisions tonight (or tomorrow) and planned to read over a content editing class. Have fun in the Publisher's Blueprint. How' s the goal setting class?
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    Homework A.C.- January 2016 Daily Reporting Thread

    January 6-2959 Plus, I finally finished that damned serial. Today's plans. 1. Finish first draft of erotic romance (about 3 chapters) 2. Create bundle, write blurb for bundle and parts 5 & 6 3. update back matter in all of the serial books (especially book 1 wit link to bundle) 4. upload to...
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    Discussion Water Cooler

    I'm stoked, I've written every day of the new year so far, and I'm working on building my mailing list. I have a ton of stuff to do today, so hubby being out of town is pretty nice. The hardest thing for me is prioritizing which things need to be done first.
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    Homework A.C.- January 2016 Daily Reporting Thread

    Thanks for the threads. So far for January: 1- 1135 2- 3327 3-181 4-10,191 (yes, I had my second 10k day) 5-1286 So not too bad for the beginning of the year.!
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    Discussion Water Cooler

    Happy New Year!!! I haven't been online much the past week, I have friends visiting from out of town. I've missed you crazy ladies. Let's own 2016!!!
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    Workgroup: Feedback for Barbara's Workshop

    I'm not sure if my response was gobbled up, or I wrote it somewhere else, but I loved the additional information about dating.
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    Discussion Water Cooler

    Hi everyone. It sucked when the site was down, I missed you guys!
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    Discussion December 7th Progress Thread

    I knew I was forgetting something. Another day of editing. The work itself wasn't too daunting, but coming up with solutions to the problems took me a day to work out in my feeble mind. I should be done tomorrow.
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    Discussion Water Cooler

    I've listened to the Hurley Brothers trilogy at least 3 times. What would you suggest next?
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    Discussion Water Cooler

    Your muse needs to be fed. Give the goddess some nourishment!
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    Discussion Water Cooler

    I have a challenge for you- no more calling yourself bad names. For me I think I'll need story level critiques the most, of course if someone wants to fix the grammar...:sick: Things like- Does the plot make since? Is the character behaving in line with past actions? Would this choice make...