Alexandra Claus

Seeking crit partners and/or beta readers for my current WIP (YA, epic/high fantasy). I've never had a critique partner (although I do have experience with critique workshops) and would love to be able to create a strong relationship with some fellow writers!
Hi! I'm Allie and I've been writing since I was small, I studied creative writing in college, and have been chipping away at my current WIP since the end of 2016 and I desperately want to get it in shape for publication. Aside from high fantasy, I enjoy writing fantasy with historical and alt-history elements as well as science fiction (particularly space opera). I also have had few small nonfiction and short fiction publications.
Lacey, Washington
Allie Keil
Professional Interests
I'm interested in finding a crit partner or group
Genres I write in...
Fantasy (high,dark, light), Young Adult, New Adult, Historical, Science Fiction