Andrew Adams

I've been a writer since elementary school, but didn't know how bad I was until after getting out of college. I've been trying, halfheartedly I'll admit, to break into publishing to no avail. After absorbing the wisdom of other authors, agents, and time, I think I'm going to set out to do the self-publishing route.

In everything I do, I always turn out to be a black sheep, though the closest I've come to fitting in is with other writers and comic book geeks. I hope to embrace becoming a writer through communities like this one.

Years of being an outcast make me a bit shy in reaching out to people. Yeah, I know, a writer who's an introvert, how cliche. I can turn up the confidence and bravado when it comes to teaching or presenting, which I've done at a few writing conferences and comic conventions.

My interest are pretty much everything nerdy and geeky. I always pictured myself writing high fantasy, but kind of gave it up because I couldn't find any kind of plot line that hasn't been done before, and the worlds all started to blend together. I'm a massive Star Trek fan, especially of the recent Picard, but have a crush on hard-boiled detectives ever since discovering The Maltese Falcon film. I have manuscripts in all these genres, and even branched out into an erotic . . . thing. I really don't know how else to describe it. It doesn't fit into any genre.

I teach English composition and mythology at local community colleges, though I'm contemplating a change. If you don't want me to ever shut up, ask me a question about mythology, particularly Greek and Biblical stuff.
Andrew Adams
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