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    SHOUT it out! RWA2018 Here I come!!! From New Zealand

    Well if you do come, it would be great to meet you :)
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    SHOUT it out! RWA2018 Here I come!!! From New Zealand

    Oh great. Do you know if Liz will be there from Entangled and early Savvy days when she was designing this place. I would love to meet her too. Though she might not remember me lol.... I use to catch up with her when she should have been sleeping but she was coding the site lol.
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    SHOUT it out! RWA2018 Here I come!!! From New Zealand

    It will be great to meet you too. I just have my flights so far. Expensive with a capital E. Next is my rego for RWA. I am so excited but very nervous as well. I have never flown so far before.... lol Angel
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    SHOUT it out! RWA2018 Here I come!!! From New Zealand

    Hi Yes, I know I have been MIA for a while and some of you won't know me or have heard of me, but those who have.... I'm coming to the RWA2018!!!!!! As you can see I am overly excited as I have been trying to come to a RWA since 2009 when I first heard of it and I have finally been able to...
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    Intros & Newbies Newbie from NZ

    Hi What a change from Blenheim to Cambridge. Is it hotter up there? I am more of a city girl, and we are currently in a little town called Motueka. Its been a big change from Melbourne, but we are liking it. 2017 is going to be better than last year.
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    Intros & Newbies Newbie from NZ

    Hiya Lizzy, You've come to the right place - Savvy is to get on track with writing goals. 2017 is your year!!! I'm living in NZ, Nelson. I have been back since May last year. Before that, I was in OZ for 12 years. It's good to be home though. Definitely check out some Bootcamps. That's...
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    Mentoring Program SavvyAuthors Motivation Group

    SavvyAuthors Motivation Group
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    Intros & Newbies Hi. I'm from Paris

    Hi Lyrain, Welcome to SavvyAuthors! Paris, wow. I live in Australia which is on the other side of the world, but I hope to make it to Paris one day. Along with many other countries like the USA. Have you checked out the 2016 Workshop list? We have many different workshops. Also, don't...
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    Intros & Newbies Hi all

    Hi chico Welcome to Savvy Authors. I am sure by now you have poked around and found our forums, workshops and special events. If you haven't you can find our workshop calendar here: SavvyAuthors Calendar - SavvyBlog Special events calendar here: Special Events Calendar - SavvyBlog We...
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    Intros & Newbies Hi all

    Hiya Irene. Welcome to the new site. To reply, head to the bottom and start typing in the box. Angel
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    Going on RIGHT NOW Savvy Event Coming: BootCamp Sprints!

    I picked the best times, i write but actually i write at any time I have a moment. :)
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    Intros & Newbies Welcome. Bienvenue. Willkommen. Aloha. Fáilte. Bienvenidos

    Thanks Lyn Welcome everyone to our new improved and awesome website. The first every workshop I signed up for was the April bootcamp ages ago, I think in 2010 or 2009... To this day, I am still in contact with the people in my bootcamp team. Big wave to Riley and Lyn above :) I have met...
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    CL-16-Plotting-Qwillia Rain-3-30 to 4-12

    CL-16-Plotting-Qwillia Rain-3-30 to 4-12
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    CL-26-Scenes-Kat Duncan-5.4-5.31

    Highly recommended and as scary as the flying monkeys of Oz, Swain's and Bickham's books on fiction theory give us the basic concept behind why fiction works: scenes and sequels.