Reviews: Angela Knight

Good lecture info if you're new to creating pitches. Angela has a great eye for pitches. She is thorough, very generous with her time, and offers great feedback.
I was impressed with how often Angela provided feedback, even when she already met deadline requirements. It was very helpful.
This was a great class! Angela Knight presented lots of comprehensive information. There were bonus lessons which were interesting and helpful on a variety of topics. She also offered critiques. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this class.
This was a great class from a writer with a lot of experience in her field! I was particularly impressed to hear the "in the trenches" reports about what is selling, what is old hat, and what level of heat is expected from readers and publishers. Even her power point images sizzled!
This webinar was very informative. Angela Knight helped me to realize love scenes reveal character, grow the romance and even reveal weaknesses the characters might have.
This class was very informative. I learned some do's and don'ts for writing love scenes. I also got some great resources like Desmond Morris's book on Intimate behavior. I did not know about the 12 stages of intimacy. I don't write at the heat level Angela does, but I have a better understanding of what level to use in my books.
Entertaining and engaging presentation with a wealth of tips! Will definitely be looking out for more of Angela's classes once my schedule allows it.
She is knowledgeable and makes the delicate subject matter a natural part of the story.
Best class ever. Angela goes over and above with both her lectures and her next-day critiques.
I’ve been taking savvy authors classes for years and this was possibly the most useful class I’ve ever taken. The advice in the lessons was hugely useful and the practical examples really made the concepts clear. The feedback Angela Knight provided on works in progress was above and beyond. Outstanding class!
This workshop was awesome. I've taken it numerous times and I always learn something new in it. Angela Knight also offered a critique, which is worth the enrollment price alone. I would highly recommend it!
Angela Knight always has the best webinars! Full of excellent information for every level of writer.
This workshop was jam packed with great tips. I loved it and would definitely recommend it to any writer at any stage in their career.
This zoom was chock-full of solid information. I enjoyed it thoroughly. :-)
This was my first Savvy class that consisted entirely of reading daily posts. I was a tad leery, to say the least. But Angela was thorough, detailed and offered her own thought processes with a book of hers so I could see exactly how she put her lessons into practice. I found I needed to set aside some solid time to read and absorb the long lessons (some were more than 30 pages printed out), so I was often behind. But each lesson has me rethinking my approach to my current book. GREAT STUFF!
This is one of the best writing courses I've taken, and I've taken quite a few. As others have said, her critiques, lectures, and worksheets are invaluable. Angela was very generous with her time and quick to respond to questions and emails. I highly recommend taking this course.
Fabulous class! The level of detail and attention that Angela puts into the lectures is outstanding. Her critique combined with the lectures and worksheets makes this course invaluable. I will be returning to these materials again and again!
The critique alone was well worth the price of the class.
This class was awesome.
Great class with examples from her writing that helped illustrate the concept, and her critiques of my WIP were extremely helpful. Highly recommended.
Ms. Knight is very knowledgeable and gives a lot of great info. I especially liked the writing samples that followed some of the lessons to give us examples of the concept. I do think this class should be marketed to romance writers because the examples and even many of the lessons seemed focused on romance writing. I understand Ms. Knight is a romance author, but since it marketed as a class for writing opening pages, I assumed the info. would be a bit more generic and apply to all genres. Still, I learned lots that I plan to implement into my own writing. I was even inspired to consider writing a romance!