Reviews: Angela Knight

The critique from Angela Knight was worth the price alone. This workshop lit a fire under my muse and pushed me to see my WIP in new ways. I would take it again in a heartbeat.
This is my first class with Angela Knight and found it to be excellent. I learned a lot from the lectures and unique templates provided. Fantastic and invaluable resource I will surely reference often. I loved that she gave very thorough examples of her own work and approach. So very helpful. I will definitely be keeping an eye open for any other workshops she may offer in the future.
Angela is an amazing teacher and provided great feedback and useful tips that helped to improve my manuscript. She's incredible! Her classes are my favorite.
I love Angela Knight's workshops and always take them when I hear about them.
I always learn something new and the critique alone is always worth the cost of the workshop.
I was working, so couldn't listen live but, this was exactly what I needed to go from finished draft to transform the novel into a publishable manuscript. Angela gave me the advice I've been searching for. I highly recommend this webinar and any of her classes. Thank you so much!
Angela Knight's webinar was filled with useful information. I will be putting the editing notes to use ASAP.
I have learned a lot on how to hone my writing with Angela. The critiques she has given me has proved to be very helpful and an eye opener where I can improve. I definitely recommend Angela to anyone who want to become a better writer. The templates and the advice? You can never get that anywhere! She has been so generous not only with her time but also with what she knows. Thank you Angela so much for what you have given me. I hope to be able to enroll in more of your classes in the future.
I am signing up for every class Angela teaches. I learned more applicable, useful information in her class than I could have imagined. Things I was able to apply the same day to my WIP.
Also she's funny, honest, and helpful.
The class itself walks you through all the separate pieces of writing hot love scenes but from the perspective of improving your craft. This isn't a "six words you can use besides penis" class. Though you may get that too. It's more about the nuts and bolts of writing. Now when I read I see how they build when I write. My best writing already had those pieces but I couldn't do it consistently because I didnt understand what I was doing. Now I do and I'm not ashamed to say I can write sex scenes and love interests that will ruin someone's commute. And what more do we all need?
This was a fabulous class for someone with a love of the genre and has not yet started writing. There were a mix of experience levels in the course and I think there were things for everyone that were helpful. I loved being able to access the class forum when it was convenient for me, and the templates/resources provided by Angela Knight were fabulous.
Angela did an amazing job. There was so much great information in this course. I found it challenging and inspiring. I learned a lot and I would highly recommend it. I feel it was a very worthwhile investment of my time and money.
I learned a lot! Tons of examples and resources shared! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, Angela!
Great class! There was just a lot of material in each lesson to go through. The instructor offered feedback on submitted writing and was extremely responsive to questions in the forum.
This was a great webinar! I will definitely be looking for more classes by Angela Knight.
Despite some initial technical issues, the presentation was well-organized, informative and enthusiastically delivered. I am looking forward to receiving the slide presentation.
Great and informative webinar. I enjoyed learning the content that was shared with the group that attended.
I missed a little dropping my ill dog at curbside vet and when she called me, but the lecture and slides were very useful and look forward to the power point slides/notes. I'm encouraged that it took the speaker a while to publish. I recommend this seminar. I will use the information to improve my WIP. Thank you, Angela Knight!
Rough start, but in information was jam-packed and fast moving. The steps for plotting were broken down really well and I liked the extra details Angela threw in every so often.
I have been slogging through the querying trenches and banging my head on the wall. I learned more in this class than I have in the last year! Practical, actionable information.
Too many audio problems. Took almost twenty minutes to start. There was also another audio coming through on guns and what ammo to use at times.
Hi HSS, We apologize for the audio issue and the delayed start. We did test the audio earlier in the week and it was clear. Please do check out the recording when it's available next week. Best, RJ
Better late than never! This class was extremely valuable in helping me go back over my scenes with a fine-toothed comb to pick out what was wrong and fix it. Angela knows her craft and shares it in a clean, concise manner. Highly recommend!