At seventeen, I graduated early from my small town alternative high school in Oelwein, Iowa. Days after, I moved to the slightly more populous Waterloo, Iowa, where I obtained my associate’s degree in liberal arts. I then transferred to the University of Northern Iowa, where I received a bachelor’s in Literature and a minor in creative writing, then later pursued a master’s in creative writing.

Since graduating with my Master’s, I’ve won a writing contest about my experience in Graduate school and my essay was published on the QS Top Universities website (“My Experience with Grad School Stress and How I Overcame It”) and two of my short stories (“Leaves of a Tree” a father-daughter story and “The Story of Us” a queer love story) from my creative Thesis have also recently been accepted for publication; one with an online blog and the other in print as well as online.

Now, I reside in Des Moines, IA, with my soon-to-be-husband (12/12/2020) and our three kitties (all boys: Thai, Gus-Gus, and Link) and our new Husky puppy (girl; Sam). I work full-time in transportation while also writing as often as my time, heart, and brain allow. I enjoy watching television and movies, reading/listening to books, and getting outdoors when the weather is tolerable (not too hot and not too cold, like April 25th). I love authors such as Charlaine Harris, Suzanne Collins, and Bernhard Schlink.
Des Moines, IA
Arielle Irvine
Professional Interests
I'm interested in finding a crit partner or group
Genres I write in...
Romance, Romantic Elements, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, New Adult, Literary Fiction, Short fiction & Novellas, Memoir, Plays and Scriptwriting, Poetry
Managed Transportation Specialist/Writer