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Denise Baer is a native of the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in Germany with her husband and fur-baby, Shakespeare. She can be stubborn and downright finicky; the last one doesn’t apply to food though. Perseverance is a trait she often associates with her college degree, but she’s still waiting for her Pulitzer Prize nomination. Denise is a blogger, poet, and multi-genre author of two published books: Net Switch and Fogged Up Fairy Tale. Through her imprint, Baer Books Press, she’s published her poetry book, Sipping a Mix of Verse; compiled, formatted, and published a cookbook, La Folie Forty; along with being a contributor and publisher of a poetry anthology, Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence, and a short story anthology, No Bounds. Both anthology proceeds go to charity.
Denise (Baer) Haschka
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I'm interested in finding a crit partner or group, I provide creative and promotional services
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Romance, Women's fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller/Suspense/Mystery, Short fiction & Novellas, Poetry
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