Woodcarvers, luthiers, painters, and poets. It’s in my blood. I’ve have been an artist ever since I can remember. My favorite things in life after family are color, texture, words, melodies and rhythm. Thick bold colors were fun as a child but later drawing and writing were my escape from the confines of a small apartment in the Bronx. It wasn’t until many years later when I was surrounded by the theme park life of Florida, that I began to write and draw regularly again. I graduated from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at University of Massachusetts. Soon, life changed and a skill I learned early on in life (reinventing myself) came to good use. I’ve since worked for government, higher education, painter, mediator, and others. I never stopped loving the color, texture, melody and rhythm in images and words. I day dream of them every spare moment I can.
Eileen Hernández Cole
Professional Interests
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Genres I write in...
Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Elements, Fantasy (high,dark, light), Thriller/Suspense/Mystery, Science Fiction, Poetry