Reviews: Deborah Bailey

I really enjoyed my class with Deborah Bailey. She is an excellent instructor who provided great tips and helpful feedback.
Tons of great information from Deb Bailey and I love that she included screen shots to help navigate through everything!
Deborah Bailey's workshop very helpful. The material she presented was useful and I appreciated her advice.
The class was super, I found a lot of amazing details and have been able to improve my craft.
Deb is an inciteful, inspirational teacher. As reunion and other second chance romances continue to be a popular trope, Deb covers all of the appropriate aspects necessary for a successful "together again" story. Beginning with building interesting characters who readers will love, she guides you through creating conflict and how, and when, to use backstory. I'm glad to have found such an excellent teacher and have signed up for her next Savvy workshop.
I appreciated Deb getting into my assignments and asking excellent questions that truly made me think and go deeper into the minds of my characters. I've also signed up for another one of her classes in January 2021.
Although due to my work schedule I couldn't participate as I hoped, the class was what I needed. The instructor did assist me tremendously with feedback that helped and solved issues I had with with my work in progress. Thank you!
I really enjoyed this class. Deb helped me sort out my story and asked insightful and helpful questions. She provided great examples and resources that enabled me to improve my writing. I'd definitely take more classes with her.
I gave the rating a five for the instructor. Her questions were insightful and caused me to be very thoughtful in outlining my WIP. Deborah gave helpful feedback.
Not sure if my rating was tallied. It lit up but didn't stay lit .Also, I could not access any of the technical instructions because I could not download the information in "Announcement" with Edge.
This class was phenomenal! I wasted time writing in genres and heat levels that were not appropriate to my story and I wish I had known about this class sooner.
I enjoyed Writing Your Book in First Person POV. It taught me to take a different approach to my writing, and to my current WIP. Thanks to Deb's lecture materials and exercises I learned new things about my protagonist and antagonist. Deb was generous with her feedback, and her comments on my work were insightful and helpful. The course materials are engaging and useful to writers at every stage of the writing journey. Highly recommended!
Deb Bailey was an excellent instructor. I learned a great deal from her class, "Writing in First Person POV" and became more motivated in my writing. She was also very available for personal critiques which were invaluable. I hope to take more classes from her.
Deb Bailey did a wonderful and thorough job with the Book Marketing with Pinterest workshop. Unfortunately, I was the only one responding to anything and asking questions, but in answering those questions Deb covered a lot of stuff that helped me. By the finish of class I'd moved from having one rarely visited Pinterest account to having three separate ones that I post to every day now.