Elle Sloan

I’ve been writing forever. Poems, plays, short stories, cookbooks, grants, newsletters, newspaper articles and now full-length novels.
Growing up in New England where summers are sweet, but winters are long and cold has given me lots of opportunity to expand my creativity.
I have enjoyed: basket weaving, spinning wool, quilting, canning, teaching cooking and traveling.

I have been a recipe tester, sailor, farmer, shepherd, cattlewoman, chick herder and Master Gardener.

Like many women, I have worked full-time, raised two children, and helped my husband’s career. Finally, I get to make my dream come true. After all, dreams never die, and new doors open every day.
Today, I live in sunny Florida with my husband enjoying paradise. In addition to writing novels, I recently took up birding, and photography. My photos have done well in local contests.
My stories are about redemption and second chances. Everyone deserves both, don’t you agree?

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  1. Romance
  2. Romantic Elements
  3. Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
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