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    Homework #2 Building the Bible

    Can you please explain more about the following which was in lesson 2? I'm not quite following. By "loose-leaf notebook" do you mean a binder that you can open and close and put pages in? And then which pages do you m move from one notebook to another when you start a new story? Does the...
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    Homework #1 Homework - Introduction

    Hi! I’m looking forward to this class. For a long time, I only wrote standalones, but now I’ve got some trilogies going, and I’m hoping that the series I start this summer will be longer than three books. That’s why I need this class! Genre: Contemporary romance Series: related characters (the...
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    Lecture Blurb Structure

    I looked at self-published contemporary romance on Amazon. I cheated a bit and skipped over any books in the top 30 that were traditionally published or very different than the kind of conteporary romance I write. Here's what I found: 1. What POV are those blurbs in? All were in first person...
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    Lecture The Logline

    @ineswrites, do you have any advice for my logline above? I would like to improve it before I fill out the blurb worksheet in the other post.
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    Lecture The Heroine

    1. The heroine is fresh out of college and gets an entry-level job at an advertising firm. 2. She’s bright and eager but also very naïve about workplace norms and practices. She has her own opinions about how things should be done, but at first, she’s more apt to discuss those things with her...
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    Lecture The Hero

    1. The hero is the new assistant manager at a local advertising firm. He just returned from a four-year stint at a big NYC advertising firm. 2. He’s the brother of the heroine’s best friend. As such, he’s always been rather protective of both his sister and the heroine. He’s generally a...
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    Lecture Day 5: Imaginary Settings

    For #1, I think the Percy Jackson YA books by Rick Riordan do a great job of worldbuilding. The books are set in our world, but the protagonist, Percy Jackson, comes to realize that the old Greek Gods are still alive and well and causing all sorts of trouble in the US. It's pretty clever the way...
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    Lecture Day 6: Tips for Researching Real Settings

    I'm sure most people know this, but it can be super jarring/annoying when an author doesn't do their homework and gets something major wrong about a city, especially if it's a plot point. I live in a midwestern city and a thriller author had his bad guy chase his good guy through my town. The...
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    Lecture Day 8: Tools for Fictional Settings

    I'm absolutely awful at naming things, especially fictional corporations for my contemporary characters. I've been told it's best not to use real companies, but any advice for coming up with names of workplaces, corporations, restaurants, hotels, etc when every name under the sun has been taken...
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    Lecture The Logline

    This one's in first person due to the conventions of my genre: My best friend’s brother is my new boss, but I don’t think he’s even noticed that I’m all grown up now… I'm not really happy with it because it doesn't really get at the romance and it could describe 50,000 books on Amazon, but...
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    Lecture What's Your Trope?

    All grown up Best friend’s sibling Boss/Employee Office romance Unrequited love
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    Lecture What's Your Book's Category?

    FICTION / Romance / Contemporary I wondered about the asterisks, too. I poked around for a while at the link provided and finally found that an asterisk means it's a new category that didn't appear on the list before 2020.
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    Lecture Get ready to BLURB it up!

    Hi, I'm Erika. I apologize for being late to the game, I was sick last week. I write steamy contemporary romance, and I've been self-publishing for about five years. @ineswrites, I heard your wonderful talk at an online conference in December, and that's what prompted me to sign up for this...
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    Lecture Instructor Introduction & Tell Me About You!

    Hello! I'm Erika. I've been self-publishing steamy contemporary romance for about five years. Sometimes fellow authors who beta read for me suggest that the conflice in my book isn't strong enough. I think the two main issues are that 1) Personally, I don't like to read/watch stuff with a...