F.T. Bradley

Fleur Bradley is the author of the (spooky) middle-grade mystery Midnight at the Barclay Hotel (Viking Children’s, Aug. 2020), set in the fictional Barclay Hotel, inspired by the Stanley. Her story “The Perfect Alibi” appeared in Mystery Writers of America’s middle-grade anthology Super Puzzletastic Mysteries, edited by Chris Grabenstein (June 2020, HarperCollins). She regularly does school and Skype visits, as well as librarian and educator conference talks on reaching reluctant readers. Fleur loves to teach online classes, and does her best to make them practical and fun. Originally from the Netherlands, she now lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and two daughters, and entirely too many cats.

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Fleur Bradley
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  1. I'm a writer's coach
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  1. Young Adult
  2. Thriller/Suspense/Mystery
  3. Childrens
  4. Middle grade



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