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    Intros & Newbies Newbie Alert!

    Thank you so much! :) I'm very happy to have found you all.
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    He's sexy, silent and deadly. She's shy, quiet and reserved. What happens when circumstance forces them to face their electric chemistry?
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    She's got everything under control. He always gets what he wants. What happens when he makes an offer she can't refuse?
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    All things writing What do you guys think of this?

    Hahaha, I'm an RN, so that algorithm reminds me of the ones we use in emergency situations (like codes). It really is helpful and gets the point across quick! ~Jen
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    Intros & Newbies Newbie Alert!

    Hello! I just joined (to be specific, probably only 20 minutes ago) and am excited! I didn't even know SavvyAuthors existed. I randomly found it through a classmate's website! It's amazing how you can randomly find things on the internet... I love how comprehensive this site is and how there...