Grace GG

After spending my professional career in corporate marketing communications (content and graphic design), I returned to what I love most - writing and oil painting.

My formal training consists of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University, with a minor in graphic design along with additional post-graduate studies in printmaking. I have lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, studying life drawing and Spanish, as well as in the U.K. where I held directorships in both Design and Marketing in London. In the mid-nineties, I was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (IOD).

My U.S.-based career includes Director of Marketing Communications for a regional privately-held restaurant and hospitality company; account management services for global advertising brand J. Walter Thompson; and bespoke design and marketing assignments for national and multinational corporations.

As of October 2021, I have served on the Arts and Culture Advisory Commission for the City of Dallas, District 14. The Commission is responsible for, among other duties, making recommendations concerning the establishment and implementation of cultural policies and procedures, including cultural diversity. I am grateful for this opportunity to help create opportunities for all citizens of the City to have access to the arts and a means of cultural expression.

In addition to writing, painting, and drawing, my other interests include photography, gardening, blue-water sailing, golf, and travel. I also wrote a blog for several years, until my then-boss found out about my side hustle.

I am an associate member of the American Impressionist Society and a sixth-generation Texan with deep roots in the U.K.

Recently, I completed my first British murder mystery novel and am actively seeking literary representation.

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Dallas, Texas
Grace Peterson Glover
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