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  1. When The Morning Comes

    When The Morning Comes

    I published Another One of my Books on
  2. Sweet Innocence

    Sweet Innocence

    Zack Shelby a skinny nerd with black glasses in high school meets Brooke Robinson and fall in love and dance at the sweetheart dance. Their song theme comes on as they dance to Celine Dion's song "Because You Loved Me."
  3. Jennifer M. Croy

    Comment by 'Jennifer M. Croy' in media 'Resort Virgins'

    Looks like going to be a good book to read!
  4. Jennifer M. Croy

    Intros & Newbies I'm a New Author and have been writing since the 7th grade. I love to write fictional characters

    :LOL: I am a new author been writing since the 7th grade. I love to write about fictional characters, children's books, romance, and mystery thrillers. You can find me on Croy's books and
  5. Random Thoughts

    Random Thoughts

    A Book of poems I'd written about horses, nature, love, and life.
  6. The Immortal Prince

    The Immortal Prince

    An Immortal prince doomed to be a vampire for eternity the curse cannot be lifted but loves his mortal fiancé forever
  7. The Widow's Broken Heart

    The Widow's Broken Heart

    A story about a widow lost her husband to cancer but can she find love again and live happily ever after? Or remain a widow whose heart only belongs to her dead husband.
  8. My Prince Will Come

    My Prince Will Come

    A model falls in love with a prince who under the King's law decree is suppose to marry of royal blood but can he find love who is not of royal blood and break the king's law?
  9. Love Cherry Blossoms A Book Of Poetry

    Love Cherry Blossoms A Book Of Poetry

    A book of poems about cherry blossoms and about cherries.
  10. Having My Baby

    Having My Baby

    A story of high school sweethearts meet in high school suffer a tragedy being too young and immature. But also three years later have a happy ending...
  11. Pure Snow

    Pure Snow

    A different version of snow white but with a happy fairytale ending...