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    Craft Driving Through Tunnels—What Does Your Character Fear Most? with Kathy Otten

    What is your biggest fear? Monsters beneath the bed? Walking to your car late at night? Everyone fears something, including your characters. In this workshop we’ll dig deep into those fears and learn how those fears create the tension that keeps the reader turning pages. More information to...
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    Craft The People We Meet—Using Body Language To Show Emotion with Kathy Otten

    The People We Meet—Using Body Language To Show Emotion. As writers we are constantly reminded to show, not tell our stories. Understanding how your characters react to the story problems and to other characters is a key element in connecting your readers to your characters in a believable way...
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    Craft Write Tight with Kathy Otten

    What does it mean to write tight? In the same way a driver monitors his gas mileage by combining trips and avoiding habits that waste gas, writers need to carefully choose the words they put on paper. By taking the time to go through your manuscript and eliminate unnecessary words and phrases...
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    Openings and Hooks--How to Hook Your Reader into Turning Pages with Kathy Otten

    In fiction the opening is the most important part of the book. Readers often read the first page before deciding to buy a book. That page is the hook which lures them into reading the rest of your novel. In this workshop we'll look and where to start your story and ways to keep your reader...
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    Bumps in the Road—Building Conflict in Your Story with Kathy Otten

    Do you want to write a story your reader can't put down? In this workshop we'll examine what conflict is and how uncertainty and failure build drama and tension in your story.
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    Page Turning Dialogue with Kathy Otten

    In this workshop, through lecture and exercises, we'll look at ways to use dialogue to create characters your reader won't want to forget, add tension to your plot, and increase the pacing to produce a story your reader will hate to put down.
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    Craft Write Tight, make every word count with multi-published author Kathy Otten

    Tight writing is the key to increasing the pace of your story and keeping readers turning the pages. Kathy will show you the building blocks of tight writing through learning to spot, Passive writing and make it active! The proper sequence for realistic and engaging cause and effect , Overused...
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    Craft Use Body Language to Show Emotion with multi-published author Kathy Otten

    In the same way that we form judgments and opinions of people based on our interpretation of their body language, reader do too as they form opinions about characters based on the visual cues the author creates. Kathy will show you how to understand the nonverbal form of communication to craft...