Leslie is:
  1. The site director and owner of SavvyAuthors.com where she sits behind the curtain most days turning interweb knobs and twisting network dials.
  2. A complete and total slacker-writer who, if she does not get off her laurels and WRITE, is going to be flayed by the very talented writers who keep SavvyAuthors going.
  3. A dog mom who spends her days herding a Heeler and an Aussie, and 22 extremely spoiled chickens around her 12 acre hobby farm
  4. A medical device software consultant who, when not herding dogs and chickens, helps companies bring exceptionally cool and useful leading-edge medical devices to market.
  5. An enthusiastic grandmother of the two THREE cutest babies on the planet!!!!
OK, I’m out..time to sort the latest crisis is to afflict SavvyAuthors ;-).
Follow Leslie on Twitter @lesliedow, Facebook lesliedow and LinkedIn lesliedow. Or check out her medical device cred.

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April 26
Northwest Illinois
Leslie Dow
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Genres I write in...
  1. Romantic Elements
  2. Urban Fantasy
  3. Time Travel
  4. Science Fiction
  5. Short fiction & Novellas
  6. Non-fiction
Yes, but the resistance is gaining strength. We will have the imposter out soon!


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SavvyAuthors Site Director
Author of many SOPS, work instructions, white papers, SW project documents, and the occasional novel.
Empress, Sr. Web Monkey in Residence


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