Lisa J MacDonald

Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald is author of 23 books, including The Superstitious Romance, which hit Amazon best-seller list March 27-29, 2016 in Romance and Inspirational categories. She has published in a wide range of genres from historical fiction, mystery, sweet romance, quote books, picture books, middle-grade, cross-curriculum workbooks, and women’s fiction to self-help and business.

She also published in numerous magazines, including Women’s World, wrote the script for the movie, “Only Once” staring featuring Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Austin O’Brien. She was a script consultant for several other independent films, including bestselling Christian film, Christmas Mission.

She is also a creative coach for the past 14 years and has been a former radio show host. She can be found at and her current fiction written under a pseudo name
November 2
Lisa J MacDonald
Genres I write in...
Romance, Contemporary Romance, Women's fiction, Young Adult, Literary Fiction, Humor, Short fiction & Novellas, Childrens


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