Reviews: Lisa Latte

Disappointing. Felt like an advertisement for her services. I wouldn't recommend it.
This was a great class. I very much enjoyed it and I like the way we laid out the information. I found that information most useful.
I enjoyed the information and Lisa was very enthusiastic and generous with her time, but I found the information to be a little off topic for ME. It's not what I was expecting and the examples given were for authors who obviously have WAY more money than me. She was talking 6 figures and I was thinking that 3 would be practicable to start. We were nowhere close. But, I found the positive energy to be contagious.
Ms. Latte is quite knowledgeable and passionate, but I didn't really learn much. I never could find the workbook even though she talked about a green button that would bring it up. That was not visible on my screen. Perhaps another computer glitch that plagued the whole conference?
The content was really valuable, though a tad overwhelming. There didn't seem to be much attendance from other participants, and I would've liked more interactive assignments. The teacher absolutely knew what she was talking about, but she did not respond as quickly to comments as I would have liked. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will use the templates and guidelines provided - they definitely made me think of how to progress from here, and just what steps I need to take to successfully launch a book and myself as an author.
This workshop was worth my time, and I gained a better understanding of 'vlogging' and its application for me as an author. However, the financial investment presented in the workshop is prohibitive to me, and I do not possess the technological know-how to accomplish the very professional level of vlogging that this workshop outlined. More importantly, I don't want to acquire this technological knowledge. My comments are not intended as negative commentary, but as an observation for my personal circumstances. I did not have a strong enough foundation of vlogging coming into the class to get out of it all that the instructor offered, which was a plethora of good information.
I'm rating this as 1 low and 5 is high. The class started off great. Video presentations were great and detailed. Then, we were directed to adobe software. I knew this and signed up with Adobe. Where things went wrong was in the direction. Previous videos had been detailed about every facet of, for example, a photo shoot. I thought there would be a similar approach with Adobe instruction (it's complex software for the beginner). Instead, the level of instruction shifted into faster gear. When I posted about just getting started in Adobe (and being overwhelmed with trying to maneuver within it), the response I got was a friendly, "well, this is what it is." A good instructor takes the pulse of a class. He/she breaks down intricate subject matter to bite size pieces and walks students through it. Giving a "good luck with it because this is the way it is" is not the best approach. I cancelled my Adobe account. I had already signed up for the vlogging class but I'm not sure it will be worth my time now.
Hi Gina: Sorry to hear you didn't find the class as helpful as you thought. I do take all student feedback into consideration as I'm updating the course. And while what one person maybe perceive as beginner another may perceive as intermediate and another as advanced so I do try my best to make accommodations and add in extra tutorials all the time.
Lisa London is a great instructor! Her video lessons were extremely helpful and taught me more than I usually learn from text only classes. She wants to help you succeed! She answers questions and is very approachable. I look forward to her next classes!