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    After acting on her childhood crush crashes and burns, Emma must choose between the sexy cowboy who gives her what she needs or try to convince her crush she is more than a little sister.
  2. A Cowboy's Song

    A Cowboy's Song

    The lost boy… Tyler “Ty” lost everything in a car accident when he was twelve, retreating into his shell so tightly that it took months for him to come out again. Music and the ranch saved him, and he will always be grateful to his foster family for saving his life. Now, with the ranch on financial
  3. ComingHometotheCowboy-300dpi.jpg


    The town bad boy with hidden pain…The town good girl who saw the good in everyone…Can Chase resist the call of the rodeo and man up for a woman he's loved for years or will he leave for the allure of the road?
  4. ACowboysSalvation-300dpi.jpg


    He wanted to be left in peace… She wanted to be free of her past… Can they save the ranch without killing each other … or falling in love?
  5. Operation: Christmas Seduction

    Operation: Christmas Seduction

    When Ryan Holliday finds out his long-time crush, Paige Taylor, hates Christmas, he does the only thing he can. Seduces her over Christmas trees, cookies and shopping. But when the season is over, will their romance end or will they find a way to make it forever?
  6. Something New

    Something New

    With a week before the wedding, can a bride reunite her bridesmaids with the ones who got away? Anna Costado must face her past and the sacrifices she made for her career to capture the love she lost years before with Wyatt Turner, if he’ll ever forgive her for her part in destroying his dreams.
  7. Something Borrowed

    Something Borrowed

    With a week before her wedding, can a bride reunite her bridesmaids with the ones who got away? Brigid is focused on her career and Grady is not the man she pictured for her future. But Grady wants more. Should she stick to the safety of the plan or find the courage to pursue what she really wants?
  8. Something Old

    Something Old

    Three Bridesmaids. Three lost loves. One matchmaking bride. After a horrible scandal scuttled her life and her engagement, Delaney Winters thought her life was over. Five years later, she's reunited with her ex-fiance and Ethan Van Owen wants answers.
  9. The Game Changer

    The Game Changer

  10. Love From Left Field

    Love From Left Field

  11. Her Last Shot

    Her Last Shot

    Girl next door Rachel Darling has been in love with local baseball hero, Bastien LeBeau, for her whole life. Now that he's back in town, can she convince him that she’s the right woman for him or will he lose the best thing that might ever happen to him?
  12. Going All The Way

    Going All The Way

    Image consultant, Stacia Kendall must fix bad-boy baseball player Jason Friar's reputation to save both their careers from employment strike out. But, after an amazing one-night stand, it's going to take every trick play to keep them from going all the way.