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    Discussion Day 2 - Scene Stealers

    In Robb's In Death Series-- I love Peabody. She clomps around in her pink snow boots with her pink magic coat. She has a healthy sex life with McNabb and she stays true to her roots. There are moments when her softer side adds to the story because we know that Dallas is all sharp edges. Sookie...
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    Lecture Day 2 - Seconds-In-Command

    Hi Tere Jessica Parker! I hope that you are feeling okay. In book one of my Novus Pack Series, I introduced a character, Lore, to teach the human about her psychic powers so that I didn't do the dreaded info dump. He is a tragic hero and I think he was in 4 scenes and after he did his job, he...
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    Discussion Welcome to Tighten Your Writing

    Hi, I'm M. Jayne/Melanie Jayne and I love to learn. In August, I will start the book about a fan favorite character and Lore will need "EVERYTHIMG" that I can give. I thought this a wonderful opportunity to improve my writing.
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    Lecture Dead Right – Autopsies for Authors – Lesson 4 – The Autopsy – Internal Examination

    I'm having a blast. Maybe this is a better question for tomorrow but the other workers in the Coroner's Office-- go they have titles? Like Techs? And what training do they require. I have a friend who did an internship in the Coroner's Office in a nearby "big city" county and she had a lot...
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    Lecture Dead Right – Autopsies for Authors – Lesson 3 – The Autopsy – External Examination

    Is it wrong that I want photos? Sorry-- I'm a visual thinker.
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    Discussion Dead Right – Autopsies for Authors – Welcome!

    Hi Everybody, I'm Melanie Jayne from the farmlands of central Indiana. I'm a published Romance Writer. I'm here to how do I put this so that I don't sound worrisome? When I was 9 a family friend who was a mortician allowed me to watch him embalm a body.(WTH?? Right?) I was...