Nancy L Westaway

N. L. Westaway is the author of the new paranormal mystery, THE GUARD TRILOGY.

**A NEW Guard Trilogy EXTENDED SERIES is currently under development.**

In her latest novel, N. L. Westaway switches gears with LETTERS from RACHEL to bring you a new standalone Murder Mystery Thriller!

She has several other projects in the works, including the fan-requested The Guard Trilogy Extended Series, a sexy Paranormal Romance off-shoot story from the original trilogy, as well as a Memoir, and a Children’s picture book.

Canadian born in 1968, Nancy was raised in a large extended family of boys where she learned to keep her head and her elbows up and to give as good as she took. She has lived in 4 different Canadian cities, but in 2006 she turned her sights southward to become a Canadian-US transplant. She currently lives in a beautiful house on the beach in South Florida with her spouse (known as G-Pa to the grandkids), and their lab-pit mix rescue, Kinney.

She loves a good cup of coffee, adores red-wine, and enjoys pizza and tacos every chance she gets. She also has several tattoos and is always thinking about her next.

Nancy’s path to her passion for writing novels was a convoluted path, and her love of reading didn’t arrive until her late 30's, despite her mother and siblings being voracious readers. Her life’s diversity—as you can further read on her website, has given her in-depth knowledge and understanding into the wondrous and often emotional world of human beings and their environments.

“The stories—they just need to get out of my imagination and on to the page.” ~ N. L. Westaway
May 3
South Florida
N. L. Westaway
Genres I write in...
Erotic Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Thriller/Suspense/Mystery, Short fiction & Novellas, Memoir, Paranormal Romance
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