Paige Roberts

Paige writes about superheroes and sentient cities, were-spiders and gun-loving fairies. For a living, she hawks big data analysis and data management software, and writes technical articles and books about the nerdy field of data engineering. For fun, she shoots arrows, and throws axes at people and things. She lives in the middle of nowhere, Texas, and flies a lot to get somewhere, usually in planes. She once invented a way to grow food on Mars that NASA liked, and has a cute trophy to show for it. Her dogs are unimpressed.

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Paige Roberts
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Genres I write in...
  1. Romance
  2. Romantic Elements
  3. SF Romance
  4. Erotic Fiction
  5. Fantasy (high,dark, light)
  6. Urban Fantasy
  7. New Adult
  8. Time Travel
  9. Science Fiction
  10. Humor
  11. Short fiction & Novellas
  12. Paranormal Romance
data management software marketing, public speaker
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