Reviews: Peter Andrews

Lots of thought-provoking information and tips. I will refer back to these lessons for a long time in the future. Thanks for sharing!
I loved the class content & assignments. The lectures were very professional, and exactly what I would want from an on-line class. Peter's critiques were very clear and included ideas to ponder and consider. I will refer back to the lectures in the course as I continue to create & revise my flash fiction pieces.
Peter was GREAT. He provided lessons, exercises for practicing, and external resources (a blog series he did and also a technique from someone named Kitchen, which is not even in circulation anymore but Peter had a copy!). I had heard about doing timed writing "sprints," but I had never actually done them until forced (I mean, encouraged :)) to do them through these homework assignments. And, actually, they didn't end up being as tough as I thought. I assumed I wouldn't know what to write, but I didn't feel or sense any pressure from Peter and I guess that helped me stay relaxed and just consider it fun. There were a lot of great tips here, and I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to refine their work habits and learn a few exercises that will help with the process.
There was so much information in this class. I was already doing a lot of the recommended things, but I learned a few new strategies, too, and they're already making a difference. Peter was a very generous teacher, opening up to questions and even sending us bonus articles and blogposts. Highly recommend!
This class is packed with content. Each lesson builds on the next and reinforces the elements of a good premise. It is not a light, skim through and head to the homework kind of course. Speaking of homework, assignments are true exercises that challenge and prod to explore the point of the lesson. But no worries, even though I could not fully participate, Peter managed to advise me in what I was able to do. I know that the gems of guidance I received will make a difference as I continue to work on the premise for my novel.
I am no stranger to "be a more efficient writer" classes. Those classes taught me how to track word counts, write in micro-bursts and use spreadsheets to track my productivity. THIS class is totally different. It's sort of like going into a giant home improvement store, but this one is stocked with writing tools and strategies for every stage of the writing process. Peter is your guide, explaining what each tool does, but it's up to you to choose which new tools & tips are right for you. I especially appreciated the attention spent on deeply examining which writing projects you take on and why. Sometimes being a more efficient (and joyful) writer means being choosier about which projects you take on. A wonderful class for writers in any genre!
Structure, encouragement, kindness in addition to many practical, day-to-day tasks and habits to get writers writing and keeping you going to the end of the project. A course I will keep dipping in to because of the wide variety of ways offered to approach writing. Not my first course with Andrew Peters and definitely not my last. One of the best!
This is an amazingly well-structured, in-depth class.
Peter Andrews' empathetic and patient approach to his students' strengths and weaknesses will help every author, no matter his or her organizational level and skills.
I learned a lot about my writing needs, about how to organize them best and how to become a more effective author.
This is a "rich" class, so it might take a while to incorporate all the tips and tricks you've learned - the best thing: you're absolutely encouraged to take your time and adjust to your new insights step by step.

Plus: I enjoyed every single link Peter provided either in his class texts or his comments - they've been a tremendous help especially the article by Jeff Kitchen

Fully recommended :)
Wow! I learned so much more from "How to Write Fast" than I expected! While many writer productivity systems focus on spreadsheets & word counts, Peter Andrews goes much deeper into your personal motivations and obstacles. He is a very attentive instructor, providing true dialogue as opposed to canned feedback during discussions. I will be taking many more of his classes in the future!
Great class with very informative instructor! I never knew how much goes into a proper interview with a character. The class was very insightful.
Engaging course filled with useful insight and information.
Peter was responsive and helpful with his feedback.
Peter was very responsive and helpful. The materials and instruction for the course were very helpful and I was able to apply the lessons to my work. Thank you!, Peter
For the first time I have been able to go beyond a couple of rambling scenes. I was a pantster who would run out of steam. Peter quickly sussed my writing level and gave encouraging feedback focussed on basics I could achieve. The clearly structured course gave me a framework to work within and still provided enough space to move forward with my story. My only regret was low enrollment so learning from other participants was limited. I plan to take more classes with Peter @savvyauthors and can definitely recommend the course even for beginners in novel writing.
I've taken flash classes elsewhere, but none can compare to this class, instructor or excellent course notes and instructor feedback. My writing has improved a great deal from this journey, Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed,
This was a difficult class for me because of the specific writing skills it required. Marketing is not my forte, which is the reason I took the class. Peter's lectures were clear, and if I didn't understand something in the homework assignments his follow-up explanations were clear. The exercises helped me to see what might work and might not work in a class on voice I'll be offering at SavvyAuthors. And I have a stronger sense of how to promote draw up a proposal to offer my teaching services elsewhere.