Reviews: Peter Andrews

Great class with very informative instructor! I never knew how much goes into a proper interview with a character. The class was very insightful.
Engaging course filled with useful insight and information.
Peter was responsive and helpful with his feedback.
Peter was very responsive and helpful. The materials and instruction for the course were very helpful and I was able to apply the lessons to my work. Thank you!, Peter
For the first time I have been able to go beyond a couple of rambling scenes. I was a pantster who would run out of steam. Peter quickly sussed my writing level and gave encouraging feedback focussed on basics I could achieve. The clearly structured course gave me a framework to work within and still provided enough space to move forward with my story. My only regret was low enrollment so learning from other participants was limited. I plan to take more classes with Peter @savvyauthors and can definitely recommend the course even for beginners in novel writing.
I've taken flash classes elsewhere, but none can compare to this class, instructor or excellent course notes and instructor feedback. My writing has improved a great deal from this journey, Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed,
This was a difficult class for me because of the specific writing skills it required. Marketing is not my forte, which is the reason I took the class. Peter's lectures were clear, and if I didn't understand something in the homework assignments his follow-up explanations were clear. The exercises helped me to see what might work and might not work in a class on voice I'll be offering at SavvyAuthors. And I have a stronger sense of how to promote draw up a proposal to offer my teaching services elsewhere.