First, I'm a writer. I've probably been where you are right now and experienced the things you're going through. Time is precious and so is my passion for everything that goes with writing.

I've published short stories, poetry, and articles online and in print. Currently, I'm working on several novels, a few short stories, and more nonfiction.

I have writing goals that I track each year. I have successes and misses. I revise my goals when deadlines fall behind me. I'm serious about writing.

Along with my love of writing is my passion for working and helping other writers. That's one reason I got back into coaching. It's why I do writing classes and workshops. I experience JOY when I know that I've helped another writer succeed.
May 24
Fredericksburg, VA
June Diehl
Professional Interests
I'm an editor, I'm a writer's coach
Genres I write in...
SF Romance, Women's fiction, Fantasy (high,dark, light), Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Thriller/Suspense/Mystery, Historical, Time Travel, Science Fiction, Horror, Short fiction & Novellas, Paranormal Romance


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