Brilliant class that motivates.
Suggests such a variety of information and ideas in the lessons and the feedback that it makes it a joy to figure out what works best.
Excellent class with a ton of useful information. Great feedback and new ideas to help organize and keep everything consistent in a series.
I've had June as my mentor before and she has always been encouraging. She's been a huge help for me getting my books completed and published.
This was one of the best investments I ever made. What a bargain! I was blown away by how much time and attention June gave me and my work. For twelve weeks, I had a strong author ally walking the path with me. I got some great feedback and great advice and the confidence to move ahead with my project. Book coach and writing therapist all rolled into one. And she is the nicest person you'll ever meet. I wish I could give her ten stars!
June was very patient and caring. I enjoyed our sessions together. She offered tips and suggestions that were appropriate for me and provided materials that she believed would be beneficial for my circumstances. Great class.
June is a fountain of knowledge and experience. We uncovered that I have a weekly writing schedule as opposed to a daily schedule. I binge-write for 2 or 3 days in a week and don't write for the next few days. It was a freeing experience to realize this with June's help as I don't have to put myself under pressure and set myself up for failure anymore by trying to create a daily writing habit. Thank you, June!

June also gave me lots of information tailormade to my questions and circumstances as well as topics like GMC (goal-motivation-conflict). I found especially the GMC information extremely helpful.
June is supportive and a great listener. With her assistance I completed a book I'd been working on for over a year. Working with her has been a terrific experience.
Great at answering questions and informative. I like the way that the instructor provided us with links to other informative sites to gain ideas or information from.
June has been very helpful and supportive. I've gone from being blocked in my writing, to completing two manuscripts, with plans for a few more. Working with her has been a terrific experience.
Great class. This class made is easy to understand why you need a series bible and how to create one. It also included lots of links lists, guides, software, anything that could help along the way. I highly recommend this class.
This class delved into all aspects of creating a series bible. Not only did we discuss the different components of a bible, like characters and settings, but we talked about organizational styles and personality types - how they helped to determine what type of bible worked best. We were challenged to come up with plans and ideas that worked with our own personal style. Enjoyed working through all of the exercises.
Very informative and helpful class. And June is a great teacher, as always.
I wasn't able to participate as I would have liked, but I'll use the lessons to
practice Tarot.
Great class! Ideas and strategies well researched and documented. Lots of useful information. All in all, fabulous! Thank you, Instructor June Diehl!
The information was great. It will be a good resource down the road.
Fabulous class! Very easy to follow. Excellent food for thought given in the form
of questions pertaining to my story idea. I’m glad I took the course and would
gladly take another one with this instructor.
I found the information presented both interesting and helpful. It allowed me to pinpoint the 'flaws' in my current WIP and gave ways to correct them. The lessons were well thought out and easy to understand.

The biggest problem with this class is the time of year it took place in. With all the family gatherings, the shopping, and the general hub-bub around Christmas time, I sometimes felt rushed to get the lessons in.

Overall, I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.
Lots of great info from POV to setting. The examples were helpful
This class gave me a new approach for brainstorming and organizing every part of my WIP, and was easy to add to my current writing process to improve it. Sessions were clear, worksheets and examples helpful, and the bonus links were well-chosen. This class was terrific!
Enjoyable and informative class. If this is your genre, I recommend this class.
This class was extremely helpful in getting me to dig deep into my protagonists fears. The links to the horror sites on line is a great bonus, because no matter how many times I have googled or horror, these informative sites June posted didn't come up June is also very kinds with her comments and still very helpful with her critiques of homework. I believe it is important to do the assignments, exercises in any online class. It furthers ones understanding in what is being taught.

I was hoping for a structure for horror writing. Although, most stories are three acts, I was hoping for information with specific horror elements in each act. Geez. I should have asked that question during class.

I had some writing epiphanies as I read the lectures. A couple things clicked that hadn't before.