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    Intros & Newbies Hello, fellow writers.

    Welcome Martha! As a Premium Member, you can participate in my monthly special events, the majority of which are free to you. Hope to see you around! :)
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    Special Event Your Novel's BluePrint - Stephen Morgan

    Ask an Editor what the slush pile looks like, and they'll tell you it's full of bad manuscripts, poorly edited manuscripts, and an occasional diamond in the rough. Learn how to avoid the slush from the start by working with an Editor to prepare Your Novel's BluePrint in this two-week online...
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    All things writing Looking for someone to read my first few chapters...

    Hi Billy, We're working on a critique matching program. Fill out this form, and we'll be in touch in the coming month: Crit Group Questionnaire Thanks, Riley
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    Special Event Spring Writing Camp 2017

    Need a little motivation to get words on the page? Do you hate writing alone? The SavvyAuthors Spring Writing Camp may be what you need to finally finish that book! Join a team and get ready to write! Writing camp is all about writing that new first draft. You write DAILY and you report back...
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    Special Event Prepare, Pitch, and Publish 2017

    Are you terrified to pitch to an Agent or Editor? Need a little help polishing your 3-line pitch? Join us for Prepare, Pitch, and Publish 2017! We will prepare you to pitch, provide opportunities to pitch, and give you resources to help you continue on your path to publication.
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    Special Event Special Event - Savvy Critique Group Program

    Ever wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of? Do you need someone to provide helpful suggestions and feedback for your writing projects? You've come to the right place! SavvyAuthors is presenting our all new program of critique groups! Why Critique Groups? When you talk about your book...
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    Intros & Newbies Greetings All!

    Hi Paqtesm, welcome! I'm intrigued by this LitRPG genre... I googled around a bit, but perhaps you can shed some light. Is it game-related?
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    All things writing NNWM catching up

    Have you tried sprinting, or looking on twitter for #1k1hr sprints?
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    Special Event Plot your Success in 2017 - Goals and Planning! with Special Guest Jamie Raintree

    Whether you’ve just started writing or you’re a seasoned pro, if you’d like to be a more productive writer, join us for this workshop where we will help you create clear goals for your writing career. You’ll learn why starting with your big picture aspirations is so important, and then we’ll...
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    Intros & Newbies Hello

    Welcome, Melissa! :)
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    Going on RIGHT NOW Right Now! Register for our upcoming Savvy Events!

    Hi SD, It's an event from 2015. Looks like you're poking through some older threads. :)
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    Intros & Newbies Hello everyone!

    Welcome Jennifer! Hope you enjoy SavvyAuthors. :) If you join as a premium member, you'll have access to our Special Events. Hope to see you around! Riley
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    Intros & Newbies Hi There!

    Hi Melissa, welcome to SavvyAuthors!! If you're looking to work on your plot, check out the Special Events page. Special Events are FREE to our Premium members, we generally offer something every month. :) We'll also be working on a CP program this year, more to come on that. Special Events...
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    Intros & Newbies Hello from Saint Augustine, FL!

    Welcome Jacqueline! Congrats on finishing your book (what an accomplishment!) AND publishing it! You're not alone, many writers feel the same way. :) You'll definitely make friends at Savvy, we have the best writers around (I may be biased!) Check out the Special Events calendar. We run pitch...
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    Intros & Newbies YA Fantasy

    Hi Gloria, Welcome to SavvyAuthors! We have a great listing of workshops yet to come in 2016. I'm running a Special Event in June, where I'll be giving tips on plotting, and we can discuss genre-specific plots. We'll also post our plot points in the forum and help each other with...