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Recent content by sallyjwalker-cox.net

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    Craft Nuances of Dialogue with Sally J. Walker

    Whether in prose or dramatic mediums, characters need to speak in a succinct, entertaining manner that moves the story forward. Inner character motivation and personality can be revealed through what is spoken and how. This workshop will cover diction & syntax, concepts of multi-layered...
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    Craft The Art of Titling with Sally J. Walker

    TITLING IS AN ART Titling a work is like naming a child because it acknowledges the unique dignity of that being to both the creator and the world. "Untitled" hints of disrespect and confusion. Learn how to proudly give an identity to your creative work through five simple analytical steps...
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    Plot-Structure Beating Up Blake Snyder’s along with Chris Vogler’s Journey with Sally J. Walker

    Every storytelling/screenwriting guru has their own outline of how Beginning-Middle-Ending unfolds, naming necessary beats/events and identifying when they should happen. The 16 lessons of this four week course will walk through the comparison-contrast of two: Blake Snyder and Christopher...
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    Craft The Never-Ending Plot Resource with Sally J. Walker

    Polti’s principle of 36 situations shows “There are no new stories.” This 8-session workshop from Sally Walker takes the writer through his situations and explains how to apply, twist and spark every story and its characters into unpredictable freshness, even with genre expectations.
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    Story Ideas from Research with Sally J. Walker

    Plot events, characters and the solutions to problems with either lurk within the vast arena of research. Like the chicken-and-egg conundrum, you can learn how plotting and characterization can pin-point research needs, just as research can ignite your imagination melding research and creativity...
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    Craft Novel Perspectives with Sally J. Walker

    Examine your storytelling process from start to finish. Whether you are a total newbie or an author of 30 novels, you can find tricks and processes that will challenge and freshen your productivity. No one wants to be a forgettable copycat. A change of approach to every aspect of your fiction...
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    Controlling Fiction's Grammar with Sally J. Walker

    The grammar rules of any language provide a framework of meaning allowing humans to accurately communicate. Students learn the definitions and how to apply them. A writer’s PURPOSE for grammar usage goes far beyond these fundamentals. Writers want to smoothly paint vivid word pictures the...
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    Craft The Art of Expansion and Reduction with Sally J. Walker

    Do you have an outline or a short story you want to take to a novel? Learn the four steps of how expansion is achieved through careful development of selected areas, NOT through simply inserting extraneous images, sentences and scenes. Or do you have a spewed novel or short story that needs...
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    Storytelling Through the Anxiety Curve with Sally J. Walker

    Humans exist in varying states of anxiety allowing for survival. This writing workshop of lecture and writing exercises will teach you how to identify stress and coping mechanisms in fictional characters that will create a marketable short story, novel or screenplay. From envisioning those...
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    Become a Productive Professional Writer with Sally J. Walker

    Writing becomes a priority when a writer moves from dabbling as a hobbyist to the serious pursuit of a career with a list of credits. Have you always wanted to write? Or are you writing but not finishing? This course will walk you through the steps of self-examination to goal setting...
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    Craft Build compelling characters and unforgettable people using profiling with Sally J. Walker

    Profiling is not just for cops anymore! :p The ability to use key indicators and adapt your characters to specific motifs allows you to twist characterization and make truly unforgettable characters. Join Sally Walker for this intensive workshop for writers who want to build on fundamental...
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    Craft 8 Steps to Writing Efficiency with multi-published author and editorial director Sally J. Walker

    We all know writers who produce high-quality novels with clock-like regularity. These authors have successful careers because they know how to produce great books that sell. New writers worry about getting the first draft done while experienced writers want to know how to make the most of...
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    Genre Adapt YOUR novel into a screenplay with multi-published and screenwriting expert Sally J. Walker

    Do you have a novel you think would adapt well to a screenplay? Have you ever watched a film version of a favorite book and come away annoyed at the changes and deletions? In this eight-session workshop you will learn the steps of adaptation that are necessary to transfer one medium into...
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    Craft Scene-by-Scene Writing with Sally J. Walker

    Learn the building blocks of fictional storytelling through brief explanations then writing exercises. In this eight-session workshop you will practice how to plan story and prevent pitfalls, one page at a time. You will discover the magic of successfully juggling main plot and subplot...
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    Craft Tell a compelling story scene-by-scene with multi-published and screenwriting expert Sally J. Walker

    Learn the building blocks of fictional storytelling through brief explanations then writing exercises. In this eight-session workshop you will practice how to plan story and prevent pitfalls, one page at a time. You will discover the magic of successfully juggling main plot and subplot, Point...