Reviews: SavvyAuthors Pitchfest

My first pitchfest was a great experience and the Savvy Authors layout was easy to use. It was helpful to read other people's pitches and select which editors and agents you wanted to receive notifications.
What I learned was how other writers pitch their ideas. Only negative is that I haven't heard anything
from any of the agents good or bad...nothing.
Great way to pitch your books and get noticed by agents and editors! A wonderful opportunity for aspiring writers!
I really like the Savvy Authors pitch events. This was my second. It's easy to participate, and so valuable to be able to see the pitches others make. I've already gotten good advice for improving one of my pitches from this Pitchfest.
Maybe I don't know how to do this, but it would be great to see all of pitches I've made in one place.
Need an easy way to find replies to your pitches without having to search each agent/editor individually.
I appreciate the time and energy from savvy authors, the editors, and the agent who participated. The format and visibility are very engaging. I’d love to see “success stories”.
I liked the submission process, but don't know if any of the agents were interested.
PitchFest February 2021

I really liked getting the e-mails that had each individual name (Agent/Agency and Editor/Publishers)
It made it so very quick and easy to organize and choose the right place for what they are asking for and pitch it.
Thanks so much.
What a great service! It's a great opportunity to pitch and a good selection of agents and publishers.
Sweetheart PitchFest is a fabulous opportunity to get your work in front of agents and editors who may be closed to queries in general. Thanks to the 2020 PitchFest, I received my first offer of publication! Highly recommend this event to authors looking for a home for their books!
I am THRILLED with Savvy Authors. This is my second time pitching in a fest and I SCORED! By allowing everyone's pitches to be open as well as feedback is a HUGE education in what works and what doesn't. Last year was a bust, but this year....thank you!
Thanks for the opportunity. My problem with it was knowing how we were supposed to know if the person we queried was interested. One year, an agent replied to the pitches on the blog., so I was expecting that. This year, at least with the agent I queried, that didn't happen.
Hi Judith, they still might. Not all the agents and editors reply on the posts. Some send their requests to us and publish them on the site and in the Weekly Newsletter. Usually that is within a week.
It was simple and without the frenzy of Twitter pitches. I wish there had been more PB agents and publishers. I liked just submitting the pitches and directing them to appropriate people

Unfortunately it was the same week as twitter PB pitch but I still managed to do both

Hi Elyse, Yes we were bummed that we collided with the Twitter Pitch. We have been doing this for years over these three days, but sadly, we cannot ban other pitchfests. :) JK. Honestly, it might be a way to double up your pitch reach and not have to do a lot more work! Just prepare the one pitch and pitch in both places. You do not have to be watching our pitch posts after you make them, we will send out the results next Saturday.
Even though my pitch wasn't chosen this time, pitchfest provided a wonderful opportunity for writers to pitch to a wide variety of people all at once. I especially liked the fact that you had a number of new industry people that we haven't seen before. Keep up the great work.
I'm appreciative for SavyAuthor for offering this valuable opportunity. Well organized and offered many agents and publishers to pitch to. SavyAuthor is my go to for writing classes, ideas, and overall support. Thank you and keep up the great work!
This was a great opportunity to pitch agents/editors. Very well organized with clear communication.
I love the pitch fests -- They are organized, there are multiple reminders, and I enjoy the chance to pitch in a much smaller event where I can pick and chose agents as well as actually have a better chance at an agent liking my pitch/work.
It's wonderful that there were a few new agents this time. I also appreciate getting an email with all the requests.
I still find the length of the pitch unclear. If you can write up to 250 words why does it matter how many sentences it is? I always try to keep it down but see other people writing a lot.
It's still confusing.
I stumbled across this event on the RWA (Australia) Facebook page and thought - why not. As a newbie, I found this event a lot of fun with many great agents and editors to choose from. The process was straightforward and a good submission experience, especially summarising your story in a couple of sentences. Thank you SavvyAuthors for organising the event and I certainly shall be back to pitch the current WIP!