Reviews: Shelby Morgen

I only got one round of feedback. My second round just said, "I like this." with no constructive feedback for me to make changes. I still only got one request for pages, so I feel like it probably isn't the best it could be. Didn't feel like I got my money's worth.
A great class! I polished my pitch with the instructors guidance and feel confident to put it out into the world. The class was well organized and the instructor is 5 stars. Will take another class for sure.
Excellent feedback and engagement from instructor. Lesson was to the point. Well done!
Margaret conveys her comments on critiques with encouragement and enthusiasm. Her lectures are fresh and her examples were entertaining as well as insightful. Her professionalism and eagerness to help have made me a fan.
This class was useful, helpful and a real eye-opener. The notes are great reference material and the instructor feedback was excellent.
I did not get an email announcing the time for this webinar so I missed it. I also did not see the time listed on the website. Now I am trying to access the re ording but there are no slides and no obvious directions on how to access it. I am not stupid. A toral fail for Savvyauthors. I hope the people who give these webinars recognize the shortcomings of this organization.
COMMENT FROM AN ADMIN--> Hi MaryAnne, We're sorry you had problems with the webinar. I did reply to your questions on the forums and we did offer help. We also sent out email prior to the webinar with access details. It could be that those were lost in your or your ISPs spam filter. You should be able to access the recording directly from the Classroom Discussions tab above or this link: We do not provide the slides based on copyright concerns.
Thanks, Leslie
Very informative. Covered a lot of topics and gave good practical information.
Thank you. This was a useful seminar on maximizing one's submission success by availing the necessary information an editor needs immediately to see if the item is a work they would buy if it is interesting or quality. Of the piece doesn't fit the guidelines, it is not an option to buy it. This was useful for me and I also enjoyed learning about the independent publisher and their editors.
I'm not sure if it's something you can control, but when people leave their microphones on, it makes it tough to hear the speaker, especially when they have a ton of background noise.

This speaker was very open and pleasant. She did make one comment that concerned me. Referring to gay males as twinkies may be viewed as insensitive to some. It feels like a judgment from someone outside of the community.

Thanks for putting together these classes.
COMMENT FROM AN ADMIN--> Hi Tonya., thanks for the comments. I'll look into the microphone issue. I think we have the capability to mute the attendees so not sure what happened here. I will pass your concerns regarding the "twinkie" comment on to the presenter.
I'm giving this workshop a 3 only because of the unrealistic timeline for assignments. Too much was expected in a short amount of time. The information provided was rich and I learned so much -- things that will help me do a better job at crafting my book, but the assignments -- all required within a week -- were too much. Not that I'm any different from the others who signed up ( for $50 I might add), but my 10 hour work days made it almost impossible to complete the expected work. I liked this workshop and I hope next time, considerable time is given to complete one assignment before the next one is due.
I understand completely and I'll be glad to help out if you'd like to finish the assignments. I think it might be helpful, too, to have the assignments, or at least the first one, a week before the workshop starts.