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    Pacing-Tension Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

    Writing a book is a hard work, but writing a page-turner is even harder. Steve will teach the secrets that authors who write thrillers use to grab the reader from the opening sentence until the end. This workshop will show you, How to grab your reader from the opening paragraph The three...

    Homework Assignment #1

    Hey Trisha, I'm very sorry to hear about your health issues!! I hope things will improve for you soon!! Also that's too bad about the increase in work hours during the holidays. Yes, definitely try the assignments after Christmas. If you want an opinion on any of the exercises after you've...

    Homework Assignment #6

    Write one or two flash fiction stories showcasing a new detective and villain that we haven't seen before.

    Lecture Lecture #6

    Being Different For me, one of the secrets to successful short story writing is being different. Imagine an editor at his desk. Beside him are three hundred stories that he has to read by the end of the month. He’s probably read hundreds of stories before and most of the ones in that pile are...

    Homework Assignment #4

    Hey Georgina, I could definitely see both of those occurring in the middle of your stories. Great job!! Just to clarify for everyone, the middle is usually an 'up' moment or a 'down' moment for the main character. In the first story, the pastor agreeing to help reno the house is an up...

    Homework Assignment #5

    1) Write a flash fiction story or two. Aim for 250 words or less. Try to incorporate one or more clues in the story. You can use your own ideas or any of the concepts below,(altered as much as you’d like,) 1) I don’t know what it is, but the strangest things happen when you try to blackmail...

    Lecture Lecture #5

    Clues Often, in an investigative story, a crime is committed by the end of the setup section. Then, in the development portion of a story, the main character will attempt to solve the crime. Of course, there will be clues along the way. If a clue leads the character into solving the crime, I...

    Your welcome, Sue!! I'm glad you enjoyed the exercise. Yes, I find it definitely helps in...

    Your welcome, Sue!! I'm glad you enjoyed the exercise. Yes, I find it definitely helps in outlining your story. I hope it helps with your WIP.

    Homework Assignment #3

    Hello! I just have one story for you. I've been on grandma duty with the twin babies so I'm a little behind. And it's been snowing for days up here and shoveling a lot! I am not complaining at all. Loving every moment. So, it's a bit rough. Hey Sue, Don’t worry about being behind or about...

    Homework Assignment #3

    Sorry, I'm late. I was working on a different project this weekend and forgot to check in here. Jason Hey Jason, no problem with being late!! Let’s look at your assignment-- Story 1 The proceeds from the fundraiser are stolen and the magician’s assistant has disappeared. Meghan believes...

    Genre How to Write a Sci-Fi Short Story with Steve Shrott

    In this workshop, you’ll delve into the secrets of writing amazing science fiction short stories. Some of the topics covered are: Creating original and intriguing sci-fi premises that hook readers Techniques used in the most successful science fiction Secrets of writing time travel, first...

    Homework Assignment #3

    Hi Georgina, Let's look at your assignment-- #! Move-in with mother after losing husband in fire Move to Sunset Bay (a place of previous peace) to move on Meet the new Pastor He helps fix her new home She continues attending church At the church picnic, they realize their attraction...

    Homework Assignment #4

    Do one or two or (for bonus points) all three of the following exercises. 1) Figure out what would happen in the middle of your story. 2) Pick one or two of these story lines and tell us what they would basically be about, as well as what would happen in the middle, and the end. If you can...

    Lecture Lecture #4

    More on Structure As we’ve discussed we generally open with a line that hooks the reader, then we have the setup which ends when the problem is indicated. Following that, we have the reaction to what occurred, then development where we have the ‘things’ that happen in the story. Lastly, is the...

    Homework Assignment #1

    Your welcome!! Yes, you're right--simple, but with detail!!