Reviews: Sunny Irene Roth

I love taking Irene's classes. She gives great information and wonderful feedback. I also love that her classes are geared toward starting or completing a project.

I especially enjoyed this class because she made writing short stories accessible
for any type of writer, including a newbie like me.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other class Irene offers =)
So helpful! I learned so much on how to improve my short stories. Getting feedback on how to improve my story is great!
Ms. Roth's lectures were extremely informative and very helpful. They will definitely be utilized in my writing. I was disappointed there wasn't a lot of feedback, but maybe I misunderstood the premise. All in all Ms. Roth was very nice and her lectures were wonderful abd helpful.
Irene is an amazing teacher. She not only gives you very important information but also gives great feedback. I love that she is there to guide and help her students.
This class provided some great information on writing for the travel industry. I've enjoyed taking this class from Irene.
Easy-to-follow lessons on how to generate article ideas and get started writing in the travel industry. Irene is incredibly helpful and supportive.
Practical advice on expanding the means of writing for pay by writing for/about the Travel Industry.
Ms. Roth shared actionable tips that addressed everything from procrastination to progress. She also quickly answered questions. Thanks for offering this class!
I very much enjoyed this class and could see that the lesson plans were thoughtfully and carefully planned out.
I needed to read that to get back to focusing on writing every day instead of making it second/third/fourth priority.
Even though I couldn’t do the main homework and submit, the content has given me real tools to take my idea forward. Irene was both teacher and cheer squad for my idea...making me feel like it had substance and - done right - might see me published. I would love to have her as a mentor.
The class stalled after the first week because of Savvy technology issues. I would not do another class until Savvy takes a serious look at the problems.
Irene is a great tutor, but the system she's working with let her and her students down big time! Very disappointing for all concerned.
I found it difficult to access the lessons. There seemed to be very few participants in the class, and I found myself wondering if I was the only one there. Checked a few times for feedback on my first week's homework, didn't see any. I felt I might have missed some instructions somewhere, or part of the lesson, or somehow failed to find wherever it was that the discussions might have been posted, if they were.I gave up, not because of the content of the course particularly, but because it was just too irritating to try and navigate the system. Made me feel way, way less than excellent.
Enjoyed the class the teacher was informative and helpfull.