T.E. Bradford

I'm a Fantasci writer, who sometimes dabbles in Historical Fiction. What is Fantasci, you ask? It's a wonderful place where Fantasy and Sci-Fi collide. Where new universes are discovered, filled with magic and wonder, and anything you imagine could be possible. Most importantly, it's a place where science continually displays the existence of an intentional grand design.

I am both traditionally and self-published, and am proud to display my 2023 Christian Indie Award, 2022 Realm Award, 2022 Golden Scroll Award, 2021 Selah Award, and the prestigious 2021 L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Semi-Finalist Award. I'm also a playwright, singer/songwriter, proud wife and mother, and cancer survivor.

“Life is hard enough. I want stories that transport me to a magical place, where I can stretch out my hand to touch the wonder of this vast universe God created. A universe more extraordinary than we can comprehend. These are the stories I love best, and the ones I love to write. Welcome to my worlds!” –T.E. Bradford

If you'd like to view my book trailers, check out my YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/BradfordUTube

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June 9
Tracy Blair-Funnell
Genres I write in...
  1. Fantasy (high,dark, light)
  2. Historical
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Short fiction & Novellas
  5. Plays and Scriptwriting
  6. Poetry
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