Reviews: Traci Andrighetti

Traci really got me motivated to flesh out my mystery. Her insight and weekly calls got me energized to finish my outline and start my first pages. Her comments on the assignments helped me worked through the part I was stuck. I liked the interaction between the class on the calls. Everyone was so encouraging!
Traci has a gift for zeroing in on recommending just a few changes to make a huge improvement. Great comments and encouragement throughout the length of the class. Her notes were detailed and informative and her assignments really got me thinking. Massive appreciation for weekly Zoom calls to check in, talk about assignments, writing in general, the industry, etc.
Traci is a wonderful instructor and gives lots of hands on attention. One of the best parts about this class are the weekly group calls. It's like a great big brainstorming session! This class has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it!
I highly recommend Traci's workshop because of the amazing and detailed information she gave, her wonderful feedback and support, and her way of blending everything together with weekly google hang out meetings.

If you are considering taking this workshop please do!
I enjoyed this class enormously and came away with far more confidence in my novel and my ability to finish my story and become a published author. The course materials are clear and straightforward, and Traci has clever plot and character if your story is stalling, and is incredibly supportive and generous. I live in the Netherlands, and Traci went out of her way to make sure our Google Hangout meet-ups were held at a time that worked for me. I recommend Traci’s courses wholeheartedly. If only the class was twice as long!
Wonderful class, as Traci's always are. She reads
your work carefully and offers useful advice and help
on how you can improve. She's always encouraging.
I look forward to taking another class from her.
On a whim, I took this class since I never wrote a mystery. Traci Andrighetti being Italian American was the perfect instructor for me, having the same lens on life. I enjoy her books. The lessons were excellent and the live video chats were very helpful. I enjoyed the classmate interactions as well and made new friends. The personalized assistance, analysis of writing assignment craft weaknesses and how to improve them was an invaluable benefit as well as being able to ask and discuss any writing/publishing topic during the video chats. This course and instructor helped me get on my way and on the right path with the work in progress I started in this class and I feel I know the right way to keep going to completion of the novel story arc with all I learned. I cannot praise and thank the instructor enough for all her useful and insightful feedback. I recommend this class and instructor.
If I could give more than five stars for Traci Andrigetti's Master the Mystery Novel class, I would. She's so generous with her comments, information, and ideas, both in the Savvy format and during Google Hangouts, anyone interested in writing a mystery (of any sub-genre) couldn't help but learn from her. I've taken the class twice, finished and published one mystery novel and I'm half-way through the second.
Traci is a great teacher and even better mentor. Her insights into not only writing craft, but also trade & industry events is extremely valuable. I highly recommend this class.
This workshop was worth every penny. Traci goes above and beyond, not just teaching how to do an outline/plot for a mystery novel but also helping with brainstorming, characterization, red herrings and more. The weekly chats were extremely beneficial and she creates an atmosphere of comradery where classmates help each other with our stories. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.
Just like to thank Traci for all the hard work she put into Master the Mystery Novel class.
I learned to use Hangouts - after a couple of false starts. I listened to Traci and other mystery writers talk 'writing' and 'marketing' and everything mystery-related. I made new friends with the same interests. And Traci read and commented on my first five chapters.

Try getting that out of any other online class!!!!

My only complaint - 3 months wasn't long enough. I wanted it to go on forever :)

This was by far and away the most productive -- and FUN -- writing course I've ever taken! Traci is the perfect mentor -- inspiring, encouraging, funny and so talented! I came to this course with nothing but an idea, and left with a detailed chapter outline for the whole novel. I can't recommend it enough!
This was SUCH a great class. Traci is a fantastic instructor, who is wonderful about answering every last question and passing on information in her lectures and answers that actually work to make your writing better. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one of her classes, workshops, or mentorship programs to anyone who wants to write a better mystery.
Great class for motivation as well as instruction. I'd recommend the class heartily to anyone looking for inspiration, accountability, and practical tips for writing a mystery novel.
I've taken multiple writing classes over the years, but Traci's mentor class took me further in the mental approach towards writing and editing than I've ever been. I'm writing instead of just wishing I was writing.

And I just bought my Christmas gift for myself : 'Edit Your Mystery Novel! with Traci Andrighetti'!