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    Part 4

    So enjoyed this, Stephanie! I have been doing NaNo since 2007. Some wins, some losses. You are an inspiration. Can't wait to listen to your podcasts. Cheers!
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    Discussion Welcome!

    Hi, I'm Jennifer and I live in a small town near Ottawa, Canada's capital. I work as an LSA (fancy term for library services assistant aka clerk) in a small community library branch. My branch has been offering only curb side pickup, and I'll be jumping for joy when we can finally allow patrons...
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    Lecture #7 Final Thoughts

    Great class! Love having another tool to add to my writer's toolbox. Will be taking a few days to mull over the info and apply it to my current WIP. Thank you!
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    From the Admins... A HUGE thank you!

    An outstanding course! Thank you so much!
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    Discussion Welcome

    Hi everyone, I'm Jenn and I'm a pantser who needs help with plotting so I don't go off the rails. Any help is greatly appreciated! Will be checking in around babysitting the grand daughter this weekend. Can't wait to get started!
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    Lecture Let's Get Acquainted

    Hi! My name is Jenn and I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada. I read and write in a lot of genres. I have several finished works ranging from YA to fantasy and contemporary romance. What I get stuck on is editing these beauties. I'm terrified of sending out crap with Mack truck-sized plot...
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    Lecture Welcome and Chinese

    Hi! My name is Jennifer. I just realized that this class started running, so I have some catching up to do. Forgive my tardiness. I write in a lot of different genres--fantasy, paranormal, contemporary romance. Nothing published yet but doing some editing on a finished YA that I hope to have...
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    Lecture Instructor Introduction

    Hi Everyone! I live in small town Ontario, Canada and my stories generally take place anywhere but here. Thank God for Google maps! I write paranormal romance, some fantasy, and some contemporary romance. Nothing published yet. I am a pantser who tends to have strong beginnings but I get bogged...
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    Discussion Hi! Welcome!

    Hi, I'm Jenn from Ontario, Canada and late to party. Damn life got in the way. Will be playing catch up over the weekend so I can wrap up with everyone. I write a variety of genres, but tend to lean towards the paranormal. I'm not published, but seriously working on it. I'd like to self publish...
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    Homework Practice #2

    Narrative: Chad and Taylor are best friends. They watch a stranger approach a school buddy, Mark, and grab his arm. The stranger throws Mark in a van. (Choose Chad or Taylor as your POV character and then give us the scene as they experience it, deep in their perspective.) Well, here goes...
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    Homework Practice #1

    Sorry I'm late with this, but doing two other courses right now. So, here goes.... Sheila watched her mother walk in the room. Sadness lined Sheila’s face. Her mother would probably chastise her for her messy house. At least she was too old to be beaten now. My Version: Sheila's shoulders...
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    Discussion Welcome! Introduce yourselves...

    OMG! Darn autocorrect. Jenn! My name is Jenn lol.
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    Discussion Welcome! Introduce yourselves...

    Hi everyone! My name is Jean and I'm also from Ontario, Canada. I'm late to the show but looking forward to learning Deep POV. I took a course in it from Savvy a couple of years ago, but practice makes perfect and boy! do I need practice! I write urban paranormal fantasy with a twist of romance...
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    Discussion Introduction

    Hi, my name is Jean and I'm working on a thriller for NaNoWriMo and would love learn the truth about PIs--how much can they get away with? What databases do they have access to? Etc, etc. Love when this info comes from someone who's the real deal. Good luck to anyone else on the NaNo train and...
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    Discussion Welcome and Introductions

    Hey, I'm Jenn. I write paranormal romance, contemporary romance, fantasy with romance elements. I love my characters and I want my readers to love them too! There is nothing like connecting to a MC and living the story with them. I want to be able to do that and I hope this course will help...