All about Pitchfest!

Pitch your completed book to agents and editors who are on the hunt for the next best-seller

Twice a year we open up SavvyAuthors to Agents and Editors looking for your story. In March, we host Spring Pitchfest, and in October, Autumn Pitchfest.

Join us for your next best chance to land that perfect agent or (and) sell your book to the publisher of your dreams! We open up the SavvyAuthor’s site for three fun-filled and exciting days where you post your pitch in a forum to a bevy of agents and editors.

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  • The most important part of any Pitchfest is having a completed story that is ready to pitch! We've created a nifty flowchart to help you navigate this decision process.
  • Our agents and editors expect that when you pitch a story they can immediately run with it so only pitch stories that are complete.
  • Once your story is ready to go you are ready to craft your pitch! Read on for information on how to prepare a pitch or check out the full details on our FAQ

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Pitch prep details

Once you have a completed and polished story, you are ready to craft that three-line pitch.

  1. Most of the agents and editors prefer to see three-line pitches. We have detailed information on that structure in the FAQ. But the short version is:

    • A 3-line pitch is three sentences, or an expanded logline. Below is a formula to help you.

      (Character) desperately wants _______ in order to ___________ but s/he is prevented by _______________until s/he _____________ to overcome obstacle.

  2. Research the agents and editors to be sure your story is aligned with what they are expecting! As the date of Pitchfest approaches, we will publish the full list of agents and editors. Each of them will have details on story genre, themes, tropes, etc. they are currently seeking.

  3. Each agent and editor will also have a list of tags they will use to sort through the entries. We have detailed information on how tags are used in the FAQ.
  4. A few weeks before Pitchfest we offer PitchPrep classes taught by experienced SavvyAuthors instructors, agents, and editors. Definitely check those out if you are struggling with your pitch.

    Still have questions about Pitchfest? Contact us!

It's PITCH DAY Now what?

Well, it's actually three days but the process is the same if you pitch on Day 1 or Day 3

  • Navigate to the listing of agents and editors. Under each name is a link to pitch to that agent or editor. That listing will also have the Currently Looking For tags that you will need when you pitch. You just click on that link to take you to the pitch thread, then add your pitch as a reply in the thread.
  • Example of an Agent or Editor listing. The link to click is in the button at the bottom.
  • We also add the required information in the reply template. This detail helps the agents and editors quickly review your content and focus on what makes your story outstanding!
  • This is what a pitch should look like:
  • You should bookmark your pitch so you can check on it later. Add the bookmark by clicking on the small bookmark icon on the top right of each post and reply.

    NOTE: After you add your bookmark the forum is set to email reminders of all posts, so PLEASE SCROLL UP TO THE TOP AND CLICK THE "UNFOLLOW" LINK. Otherwise you will receive notifications for all posts...and that is a lot in a pitchfest! :)
  • Bookmark your Pitch by clicking the bookmark icon
  • To view all your posts and replies, just navigate to your profile by clicking on your name at the top right corner of any page. That will show you the list of all your posts in reverse order: the latest posts art the top. You can just scroll down to find the post or reply you want to review. If you don't find it there then you can click on your name (again) and that opens your full profile. Just choose the "Posting" menu item to view all your posts and replies. Simple!
  • Find all your posts and replies by viewing your profile

    When will you know if you get a request?

    Some agents post directly as responses to your pitch, some send us the full list after the event. No matter what, you will know within TWO WEEKS of the end of the Pitchfest. We publish this in the SavvyAuthors Weekly News and on the front page of the SavvyAuthors site. At this point we also remove from registered user's view all the pitches.

    What happens if you don't get a request

    We know this sucks!

    Our best advice is to review your pitch and try again! We firmly believe there is a home for every story and we are certain that if you persevere your story will find it's home!

    Here's a kitten for you. Hugs.

    Still have questions about Pitchfest? Contact us!

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      Jan 7, 2023
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