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From their website:
With the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry, authors are finally able to meet the requests of their readers directly without going through a traditional print publisher. The internet has made this possible.

It’s also created a headache for those not familiar with formatting to the various platforms: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.

We’re here to take away that headache. Just call us Aspirin.

Don’t have a cover? Not a problem. We have resources for that.

What if you only have an e-Cover? We can help you there without significant cost to you. (After all, you already spent money on that front cover.)

Need an editor? Got it covered.

Not sure how to set up your account or eStore? We can help there, too.

Internet publishing can help increase your quality of life via sales you may never have had. Let help you get there.
What do you love about what they did for you?
Her formats come out perfectly each time, and she'll customize for the different distributors if you want. Every project is done to professional perfection.
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