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RABT Book Tours and PR
From their website: RABT Book Tours & PR was started by an avid reader with a genuine love to read.

RABT was founded in 2012 and over the last 6 years it has grown into a full blown PR Service to help Authors, Publishers, and Publicists take novels to the next level. Having 6 Years in business, we have learned the ins and outs of many facets of not just book publicity, but specifically publicity for eBooks.

We have a genunie love for all writing, because of that, we work in all genres. This is a great way for an author of multiple genres to only have to work with one publicist.

Everything we do is customizable. We know that every book will have different publicity needs and we are willing to work to make sure your novel is getting exactly the right promotion for it.
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They were so professional and had a wide market range.
Angela Scavone
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