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The Book Khaleesi
They provide a pretty complete selection of services, from proofreading to more thorough editing. They offer formatting for eBooks and paperbacks; both straight-forward formatting to overall book design. They do cover design, as well as banners (moving and still) and book trailers (clips vs cinematic).
What do you love about what they did for you?
I had them format my book for both Kindle and paperback. It turned out looking very professional. The Kindle book had chapter links and they lined up all the front and back matter appropriately (which I never knew what to put where). I really really love how it came out!

I also had them do a still-image banner for my book, using my book cover, and it came out absolutely fabulous, they matched the background and colors and the overall effect is just stunning. They do the text copy as well, looking up reviews and so forth to come up with the text. Really I could not be more pleased.
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